What Is the Best Hair Color for Stubborn Gray Hair? Our 3 Ideas!

Are you struggling with your hair turning gray? Do you feel that most colors simply don’t do the trick? Then you should read this article! Here we will give you our ideas for the best hair color for stubborn gray hair and present several alternatives that will make you look young and beautiful!

The Best Hair Color for Stubborn Gray Hair

So, what is the best hair color for stubborn gray hair? Take a look at our list:

  • Neutral Black – This color will easily cover any type of hair, even the most stubborn grays. It looks sophisticated and elegant and works great with most complexions – it will suit you no matter your skin tone. Just remember to choose a softer black – this shade blends in with the gray regrowths perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about your roots!
  • Neutral Brown – If you don’t want to go black nor blonde, you should opt for neutral brown. It works great, no matter whether you choose a darker or a lighter shade. You can also try lighter brown with some ash undertones – it will add more depth to your hairstyle!
  • Neutral, Ash Blonde – Blondes are also fine for resistant gray hair. However, in this case, you definitely need to aim for dyes with ash undertones. Similarly to brown, you can choose between light, medium, and dark blonde – they will all cover your stubborn grays effectively.

Some Alternatives

If none of the best hair colors for stubborn gray suits you, or you simply don’t want to cover your whole hair as you struggle only with some gray strands, we’ve got a couple of different ideas that will also do the job.

  • Highlights/Lowlights – Both highlights and lowlights are an excellent option for hiding your gray hair strands. If you opt for light, ash blonde, they will be even better, since the regrowing roots won’t be as visible and you won’t need to get touch-ups too often.
  • Balayage – Balayage is another excellent option to cover your gray hair. Even if the dye doesn’t get into your hair as you’d expect it to, you will still achieve a thrilling, natural look, so it’s definitely an option to consider.
  • A visit to a hair salon – If nothing works, or you’re afraid to experiment, consult a professional hair colorist. They will know how to handle your stubborn grays and will give you some advice on the best solutions.

What Hair Colors to Avoid?

Having discussed the best hair colors for stubborn grays, let’s focus on the colors that you should avoid. Here, the list is much longer, so we’ll explain it in general.

Having resistant grays, you want to avoid any color with stronger undertones other than ash. This is exactly why all the colors on our list were neutral. Using a dye with strong copper, red, or even gold undertones might result in bizarre effects, so don’t be tempted to try them – unless your colorist says otherwise.

The Takeaway

We hope that we helped you in your battle against your stubborn grays. With the colors and ideas from your list, you will soon forget about aging and yet again take pleasure in natural-looking, colorful hair.

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